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Diagnostic Test
General Chemistry (CHEM 140)
Principles of Chemistry 1 (CHEM 240)

The faculty and staff of the EU Chemistry Department want you to succeed in your chemistry classes. 

The purpose of this diagnostic test is to help determine if you are enrolled in the appropriate chemistry course. The results of this test do not count toward the final grade in any course you might take. Please contact the Chemistry Department immediately, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or problems about this diagnostic test!

You will be taking the quiz on-line using the MOODLE course management system . You will log onto the system, take the test, and receive your score all on the system.

Log-In Procedure


o    You will need to register for INTENT to Take Chemistry Placement Exam.  That will get you in line to take the placement test.  After you have registered for Chemistry Intent, and only after you have registered for Chemistry Intent, you will get an email indicating that the Diagnostic Test is available and how to log in to the test. 


o    You will need your Edinboro username and password to login and take the test! If you don't have a username and password, or don't remember them, please contact the Office of the Registrar immediately!

o     Your username is the same as the username portion of your Edinboro University email address and has the format ab123456. Your password is your birthday in digital format: mddyy. If your birthday is January through September, there will be five (5) numbers in your password. For example, if your birthday is February 8, 1985, your password would be 20885. If your birthday is October through December, there will be six (6) numbers in your password. the format for your password is your birthday is: mmddyy. For example, if your birthday is October 27, 1985, your password would be 102785. There should never be a zero as the FIRST number in your password!

o    After you click on the link below, you will taken to the MOODLE course management system that has been set up just for the Chemistry Diagnostic Test. Click on the link near the middle of the page that says “Accessing the Test – Spring, Summer or Fall.” for the semester you registered for. The next screen you see should be the login page. Enter your login information (username and password) and press the Login button.

Taking the Test


o    After you log in,  and when you are ready to take the test, click on the link that says “The Chemistry Diagnostic/Placement Test

o    The next screen will remind you that there is a 1.5 hour (90 minutes) time limit for the test. Remember, once you start the test, you must complete it. You cannot exit the test with the intent of finishing at a later time. When you are sure you are ready to take the test, click the button labeled “Attempt quiz now”.

o    One final pop-up box will appear saying "This quiz has a time limit and is limited to 1 attempt. Are you sure you want to take this assessment now?" If you click Yes you must complete the entire test. You may not stop with the intent of returning to complete it at a later time.

o    If you are working through an internet service provider (ISP) from a remote site, you might wish to open a second Internet Explorer window to keep from having the ISP disconnect you for inactivity. Every few minutes you'll need to something in that other window. Check your email; refresh your home page; check the site for your favorite hobby. Do something that makes your computer communicate with the ISP. If you don't, the ISP may disconnect you for inactivity, and that will cause trouble!

o    You should allow yourself about an hour and a half to take the test.

o    You will need a calculator and a copy of the Periodic Table of the Elements that you can obtain by clicking here.

o    Be sure to press the Submit button at the end of the test to submit your answers for grading. If you do not press that button, your answers may be lost.

Click here when ready to log in!

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